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Oh Yeah—I Have A Blog

Hey, F. Sylvester “French as a Second Language” Lybica here. I didn’t actually forget I had a blog, but apparently there are a few people actually reading this thing, so I appreciate you and welcome.

In reality, I got lost somewhere in the Twitterverse for ~ the last month, so naturally this is a post for announcing that I have nothing to post.

Twitter. Twitter isn’t a beast I’ve wrestled with with any regularity in the past, and after some study, the best comparison I can make is that it’s something like a digital ameoba, in which users make up the cytoplasm and Twitter subcultures (which apparently exist, though I’m not sure why that surprised me—maybe it didn’t) are the pseudopods.

I found myself following a few people at first, and as I looked around—following a random assortment of accounts with varying intents—I discovered myself following down paths of comedians, musicians, sports, and many other topics / user types. Fascinating.

At any rate, I am working on some entertainment stuff such as my top music and movie picks of 2014, and some other not-likely-to-be-all-that-cogent milieu.

Also, Otto Glossonym will give us some English tips in his new language column: “Talk Good, Feel Good.”

Additionally, there will at some point be posts on mental health advocacy, world affairs, and other important [actually serious!] issues.

I just know you’re just chomping at the bit for that.

Is it “chomping” or “champing” at the bit? I don’t know. Chimping at the bit.

Chimp at the bat.

Casey at the bat.



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