Available Band Names

The following is an ongoing list of band names that—to the best of my knowledge prior to the conception and first posting of name—is not in use.

Though I am posting them here, I do so for the public good rather than profit, so if it appears here I am claiming it and entering it into the public domain. Yes, that’s right; I’m a bastion of altruism. Fuck you, Ayn Rand. See—there’s one right there and an excellent starting point.

The methods used to confirm availability will be as follows:

  • Rudimentary Internet Search

Following an unsuccessful outcome, the name will be posted. If at any time someone in a real band named one of these reads this, they can email The Oddity at fsylvesterlybica@gmail.com and it will be removed.

I’m 99.4% confident this will never happen.

Disclaimers: Appearance of name on list is not a guarantee of quality, by any means. List will be updated haphazardly. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients of this list or not, you should not use this list as medication. [Being a rock star] May cause internal bleeding.

Public Domain Band Names

  1. Fuck You Ayn Rand
  2. Negative Nancy and the Depressionistas
  3. Definitely Leopard
  4. Cray-Z
  5. My Morning Hair

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