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Too Many M@%*!?f@%*ing Cooks

If you can get through all eleven-ish minutes of this little gem, it’s worth it.

However, as its brilliance lies on a scale of absurdity, tenacity, throughness, hilarity, and—most of all—perfectly executed annoyingness, it’s perfectly understandable if you can’t. I did, and trust me, there were several moments where I actually didn’t think it was going to end.

So, venture on into the world of Adult Swim‘s “Too Many Cooks,” if you dare, and when you get back we can sing it over and over together for the rest of eternity.

Whether we like it or not.


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I'm just a weird effing guy who needs a creative-ish outlet(s). I have Asperger's / ADD and am a recovering alkie. I am an Atheist, a (sort of) Buddhist, and I'm interested in many things, including but not limited to music, movies, science, space exploration (real), math, sports (esp. hockey, football, and baseball), mental health advocacy, autism, addiction, living sustainably and somewhat minimalistically, reusing and repurposing thrifted items, outsider art, non-outsider art, graphic design, cats, cats, cats, cats, cats


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