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Oh Yeah—I Have A Blog

Hey, F. Sylvester “French as a Second Language” Lybica here. I didn’t actually forget I had a blog, but apparently there are a few people actually reading this thing, so I appreciate you and welcome.

In reality, I got lost somewhere in the Twitterverse for ~ the last month, so naturally this is a post for announcing that I have nothing to post.

Twitter. Twitter isn’t a beast I’ve wrestled with with any regularity in the past, and after some study, the best comparison I can make is that it’s something like a digital ameoba, in which users make up the cytoplasm and Twitter subcultures (which apparently exist, though I’m not sure why that surprised me—maybe it didn’t) are the pseudopods.

I found myself following a few people at first, and as I looked around—following a random assortment of accounts with varying intents—I discovered myself following down paths of comedians, musicians, sports, and many other topics / user types. Fascinating.

At any rate, I am working on some entertainment stuff such as my top music and movie picks of 2014, and some other not-likely-to-be-all-that-cogent milieu.

Also, Otto Glossonym will give us some English tips in his new language column: “Talk Good, Feel Good.”

Additionally, there will at some point be posts on mental health advocacy, world affairs, and other important [actually serious!] issues.

I just know you’re just chomping at the bit for that.

Is it “chomping” or “champing” at the bit? I don’t know. Chimping at the bit.

Chimp at the bat.

Casey at the bat.




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I'm just a weird effing guy who needs a creative-ish outlet(s). I have Asperger's / ADD and am a recovering alkie. I am an Atheist, a (sort of) Buddhist, and I'm interested in many things, including but not limited to music, movies, science, space exploration (real), math, sports (esp. hockey, football, and baseball), mental health advocacy, autism, addiction, living sustainably and somewhat minimalistically, reusing and repurposing thrifted items, outsider art, non-outsider art, graphic design, cats, cats, cats, cats, cats


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